Small Acts of Friendship

‘I like that despite being in hospital we can still be treated like people. The SAF team really understand this’   

Small Acts of Friendship (SAF)  has extended into the Acute Respiratory Unit with treatments and therapies including Indian head massage, reflexology, vocal psychotherapy and hairdressing amongst other activities. Coordinator Paola O’Sullivan asked patients how they found the treatment, whether it made a difference to their stay in hospital and would they recommend it.

Here is some of the lovely feedback Paola received:

‘Beautiful, really relaxing amazing my pain in my right leg has gone. This morning the pain was like 9/10 now it is zero’

‘My little bit of heaven, beautiful I wish you could carry on’

‘It made me feel empowered, I found my voice and strength’ 

‘You are an Angel you’ve made me look and feel better thank you so much’

‘Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, feel like I am floating, you’re very happy and friendly’

‘I have been through such a difficult time, this is just wonderful, thank you so much’

‘Beautiful, best hospital stay ever’

‘I am extremely impressed with such a good useful service whilst in hospital many thanks’

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