Making life better for people in hospital

We are a local charity that has supported Hospitals in Brighton & Hove for over 60 years. We work closely with clinical staff to identify where help is most needed, focusing on areas that are underfunded or not supported by large charities. All the money we raise goes directly to the front line, where it makes the most difference.

Our Campaigns

A Friend in Need is a new initiative to support people in hospital at the end of their lives.

Around half of the people who die in this country die alone. The Friends aim to change that by funding the employment of a volunteer coordinator who will manage a team of volunteers to be there for patients at the end of their lives.

We plan to have the coordinator in place by Spring 2024, and start the service at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in the Autumn.

If you’re interested in helping do get in touch.

Small Acts of Friendship was created by Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals in partnership with Clinicians at Royal Sussex County Hospital. It is now in eight wards and has benefited over 5,000 patients, improving their quality of life, helping them respond to treatment and to get better more quickly.

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Our partners

Our partnering programme allows local organisations to work with us to actively support our local NHS in collaboration with their customers and employees.