Chill – The Cold Water Swim Cure, A Talk with Dr Mark Harper

Date(s) - 21 April 2022
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Brightonian, consultant and sea swimmer, Dr Mark Harper, has done extensive research into the positive effects of cold water swimming. Sea swimming and any outdoor swimming has benefits on many levels. These include the proven benefits of exercise, being outside in nature, a sense of community and a sense of overcoming challenge. But it also has a unique physiological benefit which is mainly linked to its effect on inflammation. Modern lifestyles tend to raise our baseline levels of inflammation and daily stresses take it to harmful levels rather than helpful levels. Immersing yourself in cold water reduces these excessive fluctuations and reduces baseline levels of inflammation, consequently reducing the risk of many common chronic and degenerative diseases.

Dr Mark Harper has recently been on sabbatical in Norway, where he’s been swimming in even colder water than the English Channel. The hole in the ice was cut with a chainsaw!

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