Seasonal Cheer on the Elderly Care wards

Local schoolchildren visited patients on the elderly care wards at Royal Sussex County Hospital on Friday 20 December.

The children came to hand out gifts and treats they and their classmates at St Andrews Primary and Hove Park Junior schools had donated as part of the Small Acts of Friendship initiative.  Donations were also received from Hanover Queens Women’s Institute who asked the children to deliver the gifts on their behalf.

Each patient received a bag packed with seasonal goodies to help make their time in hospital a little more comfortable. 

Patients who are in hospital at this time of year really enjoy meeting the children who like to describe themselves as ‘Christmas Elves’.  The joy on the faces brings a real sense of community spirit as young and old celebrate Christmas together. During the afternoon there was also a visit from local musicians and volunteers from the Small Acts of Friendship project. 

Small Acts of Friendship is a unique charitable programme of activities created by the Elderly Care Team at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and the Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals. It is designed to help elderly patients maintain dignity, social activity, mobility and well-being in hospital and better able to re-join the community when they leave.

To donate and for more information about Small Acts of Friendship click here. 

About the author

Suzy and Sarah are the Administrative Team for the Friends charity.

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To express my thanks and gratitude to Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals for funding 3 expiratory and inspiratory respiratory muscle trainers. This is an innovative approach in voice and swallow therapy which helps patients in rehab working to improve their swallow function, cough and secretion management and also patients with long standing swallowing difficulties.

Duncan Brown, Advanced Speech and Language Therapist, ENT Department, Royal Sussex County Hospital

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