Small Acts of Friendship - seven months into the project

Our Small Acts of Friendship Coordinator, Paola O’Sullivan, has been in post for seven months and is having a real impact on patients in the elderly care wards at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. Paola has coordinated a regular and structured team of SAF Activity Staff and Volunteers providing hairdressing, hand massage, art and poetry sessions and digital reminiscence sessions for those patients who are well enough and wish to participate.  

Patients are able to ask for and receive their choice of daily newspaper, which is proving really popular.  

In order to record and celebrate the impact of Small Acts of Friendship, filmmaker David Ward produced a short film which we showed at our recent AGM. The passion that Paola and the clinical ward staff have for Small Acts of Friendship really shine through, so please have another look and share it with your friends or family. The film is available on our website, on vimeo and on Facebook .

Fundraising continues to reach our target of £65,000. 

Thank you for your on-going support for Small Acts of Friendship.


About the author

Suzy and Sarah are the Administrative Team for the Friends charity.

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