Happy 70th Birthday to the NHS

My father was 15 when the NHS was created. A child in a Glasgow council house, he remembers the genuine fear of illness because of the cost of calling the Doctor out. At a stroke, that fear was wiped out.

In that different world, he saw friends die in primary school of diseases that his grandchildren have barely heard of, thanks to the impact on public health that the NHS has had.

Inspired by this new and revolutionary approach to healthcare, he studied and became the archetypal Scottish Doctor, respected by patients and staff alike during his long career in the NHS. His talent as a diagnostic physician was nurtured and encouraged so that he was able to improve the quality of very many lives during decades of work.

As this incredible organisation celebrates turning 70, let’s not forget the truly revolutionary principles it was founded on. And, with that, recognise the achievement of the staff over the last 70 years who have kept alive the dream of healthcare free at the point of use.


About the author

Suzy and Sarah are the Administrative Team for the Friends charity.

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