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When Philip Rankin and his partner Matt got married, they decided to do something special. Instead of wedding gifts, they asked for donations to be split equally between two charities: Hope Malawi and our Small Acts of Friendship campaign.

Thanks to the generosity of Philip and Matt's family and friends, Small Acts of Friendship has received a boost of £656.14, bringing our fundraising total to £45.114 of our £65,000 target. 

Philip says: "I’m one of the doctors in my 4th year of working for BSUH, spending most of my time in the Emergency Departments at the County and Princess Royal.  I recently got married and Matt and I wanted to give something back to causes which mean a lot to us, and where we have seen the beneficial impact first hand.

"Small Acts of Friendship involves a group of staff who dedicate their kindness, time and resource towards supporting older people to have the best possible experience whilst in hospital. Small Acts make a big difference to this group where loneliness and boredom can be common.

I look forward to seeing how the money can help to continue the positive impact Small Acts are having with their service. You can read much more about their excellent work here, and watch their video here."

From all of our charity Trustees to everyone who donated - thank you so much for your support to our work with Small Acts of Friendship.

And to Philip and Matt, we are so glad that you enjoyed a wonderful wedding and we wish you the very best for the future.


About the author

Suzy and Sarah are the Administrative Team for the Friends charity.

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