Friends funding for a Viscoelastography machine

Instant blood analysis – safer and cost-effective

Suzy and Sarah met Anita Sugavanam, Consultant Anaesthetist at BSUH.

Anita explained ‘Viscoelastography is a technology that analyses a drop of a patient’s blood very quickly, giving meaningful information to a clinician within minutes of running the test’. 

A grant of £19,000 enabled the purchase of a viscoelastography machine for use in main operating theatres, the first such machine within BSUH.  With immediate blood analysis, clinicians have the detailed information they need to assess a patient during their operation.  Immediate assessment can result in a reduction in transfusion requirements without increasing the incidence of bleeding.  This is safer for patients and reduces costs in the use of inappropriate blood products. 

Viscoelastography machines can also be used pre-operatively to assess if a patient’s blood levels are appropriate for them to undergo surgery – reducing last minute surgical cancellations or confirming that surgery can go ahead.

Anita and her team are auditing the results obtained through use of the new machine and will present their results both internally to BSUH colleagues and internationally at a NATA conference.

About the author

Suzy and Sarah are the Administrative Team for the Friends charity.

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To express my thanks and gratitude to Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals for funding 3 expiratory and inspiratory respiratory muscle trainers. This is an innovative approach in voice and swallow therapy which helps patients in rehab working to improve their swallow function, cough and secretion management and also patients with long standing swallowing difficulties.

Duncan Brown, Advanced Speech and Language Therapist, ENT Department, Royal Sussex County Hospital

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