Visiting Mill View Hospital garden, May 2017

Mil lView hospital garden
To Mill View Hospital to meet Mel Barr and the Occupational Therapy Team.
Friends Trustees Freddie and Doug and Lucy from Heads On visited Meridian Ward to hear how funding from the two charities is providing new opportunities for service-users.  Paintings and photographs from an art project brighten up the walls of the ward;  musical instruments including djembe drums, percussion and a keyboard enable regular music sessions to take place; i-Pads are used for music appreciation.
New raised beds and a range of plants in the garden have made this a really welcoming area where service users can benefit from activities outside or just sit and enjoy sunny weather.
We enjoyed a cream tea in the garden with some of the service users and staff.  Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. 

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Suzy and Sarah are the Administrative Team for the Friends charity.

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