An update on Small Acts of Friendship from Friends Trustee Chris Rendel: When Small Acts of Friendship was launched in 2017, all we had was a vision, a fundraising target, and one person, Paola O’Sullivan, the newly hired coordinator. Today we have a team of 15, mostly volunteers, offering hairdressing, hand massage, befriending, poetry, art, music and even sing alongs to pat ...

Children from Hove Junior School and St Andrews Primary School visited the Elderly Care Wards at Royal Sussex County Hospital to hand out Christmas Gift Bags. The children had collected and filled the bags with small gifts as part of the Small Acts of Friendship campaign - a unique programme to help elderly patients retain dignity, social activity, mobility and well-bein ...

Thank you for the exciting and beneficial equipment you have funded. The Motomed Viva 2 brings additional therapy to the acute stroke patients at the hospital, encouraging early return of activity in the affected limb whilst avoiding side effects related to lack of immobility such as muscle wastage and reduced cardio-vascular endurance.

Charlotte Hunt Neuro Physiotherapist Hyper Acute Stroke Unit, RSCH

A big thank you for your kind donation of high back chairs. They will be of great benefit to our Park Centre patients who struggle to get out of the low back chairs.

Lisa Thomas-Brooks, Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist

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