Community Events

We are delighted Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals has been chosen as a Local Cause by the Co-Op to support the charity’s work with Small Acts of Friendship. 

There are collecting boxes in the Co-Op stores in St James’s Street and St George’s Road so please support this charity if you are shopping there.

A call-out to all Co-Op members:  if you have a membership Card please register this online and scroll down to ‘Choose A Local Cause’.

You will need to scroll down again to select ‘Find Other Causes’ and from a choice of causes you can select Small Acts of Friendship – look out for the picture of Paola.

Here’s the link to start: 

Please pass onto Friends and colleagues who shop at the Co-Op. 

Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals plan to get involved in the Kemp Town Carnival – Saturday 1st June 2019.  More details to follow.


Support from our local community plays a huge part in helping the Friends.

You can help in many ways:

- take part in a sponsored challenge:  it could be active, sociable or entertaining and will probably be all three

- nominate Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals as your chosen charity in your place of work

- arrange a coffee morning, cake sale or pub quiz for friends and family

- Organise a Collecting Box in your area - small change can really add up. A collecting box that takes £30 per month makes £360 in one year.  Boxes are most successful when located where people make cash purchases - in a cafe, canteen, small shop or local pub.

- Shop and support the Friends via Easyfundraising.  

We can help and support your fundraising ideas.

Want to find out more?

The Royal Sussex County Hospital is a vital part of our Community. There are lots of ways you can get involved with supporting it. Contact us to find out more.