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These are difficult times for the NHS. Advances in medical research mean that diagnostic and treatment options become more sophisticated (and therefore more expensive) all the time. The clinicians working for the NHS in Brighton & Hove learn about these advances and understand which new equipment could change the lives of their patients. 

This is where the Friends can help, with your help. While the NHS can only promise to provide the basic equipment, the Friends can go one step further and buy the state of art version. For critical patients, this can mean the different between life and death. For patients with long-term conditions, this can mean speeding up their recovery and allowing them to go home sooner.

Crucially, we only buy equipment which the Doctors, nurses, occupation and physical therapists request. They know best what will help them do their job. With your help, we can make a big difference.

The Friends have helped us purchase vital equipment for the ICU and Theatres to improve the care of our patients.

Dr Kate Regan, Consultant in Critical Care and Anaesthesia, RSCH

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