Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals funds departments and wards in NHS facilities throughout Brighton & Hove and Newhaven. During the last ten years, over £1.3 million worth of equipment has been provided by the Friends to NHS wards and departments across the City.

Some examples in recent years include:

£3 per pair for 200 pairs of slippers for patients on the Elderly Care wards admitted unexpectedly admitted to the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

£13 bought a Talking Book for nurses to use to engage patients in Intensive Care.

£30 for a Nintendo DS game to amuse and distract children during unpleasant procedures.

£149 was used to buy a portable finger pulse Oximiter which can be used by the Community Rapid Response team to treat patients in the comfort of their own homes.

£170 paid for a Falls Monitor to be installed on a bed in the Royal Sussex County Hospital. The Monitor is used to reduce the number of patients falling out of bed, which can cause serious injuries: we bought enough for 35 beds.

£1,140 bought a reclining Phlebotomy chair for patients to be more comfortable when they are having blood taken, which can be reclined if the patient feels faint.

£8,000 bought a Video Laryngoscope for the Anaesthetics Department of the Royal Sussex County hospital.

£35,500 bought two Hamilton Transport Ventilators for the Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.


Funding specific wards

Like most charities, we prefer to receive donations to general funds because this allows us to spend the money where the NHS clinicians feel it is most needed.

However, some fundraisers prefer to raise funds towards a specific ward or department. If you would like to donate to a specific ward or department please contact us. Your donation can usually be used to pay for part of a more expensive item. All of our grant requests come from clinicians working in the department and we always ensure that any training needs are met.

Thank you for the exciting and beneficial equipment you have funded. The Motomed Viva 2 brings additional therapy to the acute stroke patients at the hospital, encouraging early return of activity in the affected limb whilst avoiding side effects related to lack of immobility such as muscle wastage and reduced cardio-vascular endurance.

Charlotte Hunt Neuro Physiotherapist Hyper Acute Stroke Unit, RSCH

Want to find out more?

The Royal Sussex County Hospital is a vital part of our Community. There are lots of ways you can get involved with supporting it. Contact us to find out more.