Leaving a legacy

Through a Gift in your Will you can make a real difference to the care of local NHS patients and their families

After ensuring that your family and others who matter most to you are properly provided for in your Will, you may wish to remember a favourite charity by generously making a gift in your Will. Such a gift will enable you to support a cause that you deeply care about but does not cost you anything in your lifetime.  

It is generous Gifts in Wills that enable the Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals to support healthcare services improve the experience of NHS patients in Brighton, Hove and Newhaven.

Amongst recent items of medical equipment, services and projects that have been funded by the Friends include:

  • £9,800.00 – to fund a Stress ECG machine for the Imaging (Nuclear Medicine) Department at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. This was possible thanks to a legacy earmarked for Cardiac care.
  • £8,117.72 – to fund equipment for patient activities at Mill View Hospital and Rutland Gardens during the Covid crisis.
  • £3,096.00 – to fund three Tilt-in-Space wheelchairs for use by patients on the Major Trauma Ward at Royal Sussex County Hospital.
  • £1,189.02 – to fund fabric supplies for Brighton Scrub Hub, a community enterprise formed to support health care professionals during the Covid crisis.

  • £30,000 - to provide ongoing funding for patient activities on the Elderly Care Wards at the Royal Sussex County Hospital as part of Small Acts of Friendship.

Small Acts of Friendship – a programme of activities created by the Elderly Care Team at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and the Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals. The activities are helping elderly patients maintain dignity, social activity, mobility and well-being in hospital and be better able to rejoin the community when they leave.

There are three main types of gifts:

- A pecuniary gift is a specific sum of money left to the Charity.

- A specific gift is an item of value, property or land that may be left to a charity.

- A residuary gift is a gift of all or a percentage of what remains of an estate after all debts, expenses, taxes and other specific legacies have been distributed.

Your legacy gift is not subject to inheritance tax.


To ensure that your wishes are implemented, you should always speak to a professional will writer about making or updating your Will. If you already have a Will, ask your professional advisor about preparing a codicil which is a separate legal document that is includes additions or amendments to your existing will.


For further information, please contact the Friends Office on 01273 664936

As always, thank you for your support

I am writing to record and express my gratitude to Cardiac Specialist Nurse Jo Jessup. Jo has helped me understand my diagnosis and is always available to talk to me. The compassionate support she is offering means a lot to me and is helping me accept my diagnosis more positively.

Cardiac patient

Leaving a Legacy

For more information about leaving a legacy, contact the Friends office.