A "Thank You" from the Royal Sussex County Hospital

We have just received this lovely email from a Superintendent Radiographer at the Royal Sussex County Hospital:

"Dear Glynn and Friends, 

I just wanted to send a message of thanks to everyone at the Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals from the CT Department at RSCH.  Recently one of our Senior Radiographers applied for funds to replace our aging and damaged phlebotomy chair which is used for cannulating outpatients for their scans.  The chair was no longer fit for purpose and presented a poor first impression of our department to patients.  This probably should have been condemned a long time ago but the cost of replacement meant it was kept in service longer than was ideal and was badly reupholstered in an attempt to prolong its life.  With the funding provided we were able to purchase a fantastic and versatile new chair which has more modern hygiene standards and robust build quality.  Our 50+ patients per day that need to use the chair now have an overall much more pleasant experience.

Many Thanks

CT Superintendent Radiographer
Royal Sussex County Hospital" 


About the author

Suzy Horne is the Administrator for the Friends charity.


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