Teamwork with Waitrose and the Together Co Charity

Yesterday, two of our charity Trustees collected 20 care packages from Waitrose in Hove. The befriending charity, Together Co, identified ten people in the Hove area who were already isolated before Covid-19. Some were disabled, living alone and depending on carers, feeling very lonely and anxious. The rest were delivered to Bishop Hannington Church for distribution to elderly and vulnerable people by their Care Team.

Here are a couple of pictures - collecting the bags at Waitrose Hove from their lovely Community Matters Team who packed them up. Also the contents of one of the bags including some basic essentials, daffodils, a couple of treats and information about our Small Acts of Friendship. 

Together Co have around 800 people on their list in Brighton & Hove and around 350 who are housebound with no family nearby. They’ve had a high demand for help and were very appreciative of our working together.

We very much appreciate Waitrose reaching out to the community in Hove. Waitrose don't have the capacity to do the deliveries themselves and we were happy to join with this joint collaboration to support the most vulnerable.  

About the author

Katy Wells has been a long standing supporter of our charity and is now employed as our Fundraiser. Email Katy here.


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