Sponsored running

We are very proud of the efforts made by our runners in the Vitality Brighton Half Marathon and the full Marathon. in 2015, two of our Trustees were part of a team that included six runners from the Caffe Nero chain. Collectively that year our runners raised an amazing £10,000.

This money was used to buy a Video Laryngoscope for the A&E Department at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. A Laryngoscope is the piece of equipment which is used to place a breathing tube down the throat of a patient before they are givena General Anaesthetic. The usual procedure is to bend the patients head back to allow the doctor to see down the throat to the vocal cords. In trauma cases, inserting a breathing tube can be very difficult because of the possibility of neck injuries. The Video Laryngoscope has a tiny video camera at the end, attached to a screen, which allows the doctor to see down the patients throat much more easily so their neck can remain unmoved. It will be used for all patients at A&E who need this procedure, about 400 per year.

The staff at the A&E Department would like to say a very big THANK YOU to all our runners for making this possible.

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